Patent drawings are the easiest way to a visual form of understanding the invention. This help in knowing the invention in detail. These are further classified into two groups
1. Utility patent
2.Design patent

A design patent protects the appearance of the product but not functionality, the utility patent protects their application and functionality of the product.
As per their patent law, the design patent is granted to new, original, and appearance of the product.

Design Patent Types

Patent illustrator

Type 1: First it is independent, distinct design patent this cannot be in a single clam and it required to be filled separately. For example, if the inventor has more than a product which is not dependent on each other, in terms they should be appearance and usage , cannot filled in a same application like should basic understanding we have considered a pen and stapler they product are not related to each other but they required to be filled separately.

Type 2: This will include that product which is related to each other but distinct design with different appearances for examples we have two bracelets with different surfaces appearances should fill separately.

Type 3: The third one thing modified forms of a single design which may be applied in a single application.

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