09May 2018

Patent drawings are the easiest way to a visual form of understanding the invention. This help in knowing the invention in detail. These are further classified into two groups 1. Utility patent 2.Design patent A design patent protects the appearance of the product but not functionality, the utility patent protects their application and functionality of […]

15Jul 2018
Why need a drawings

Many people ask that why does the patent application required drawings? I am an explained with an example when the inventor has no idea about the patent drawings might prefer the photograph of the product drawings to be submitted to the patent office and the patent drawings should be easily explained about the product with […]

05Aug 2018
how to patent an invention

Many people ask that how to patent an invention? In this article, you will get all your answer. First, you have created your own invention which will be work for the world but how do make your idea and reality? Their invention will be very useful for changes people doing things. Applying for a patent, […]